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About a week ago, I read an iPad buyer's guide on one of the tech blogs that bascially said, "if you're looking for a productivity tool, buy this model. If you're looking for an entertainment device, buy the other model." Now I can't find that article anywhere. Ask MetaFilter, any leads?

I've already checked Engadget and Gizmodo to no avail.
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If you're looking for the article as a general reference, I can't help you. If you're trying to decide which iPad model to buy, I don't think "productivity tool vs entertainment device" is a useful comparison.

There are only two features that differentiate the various iPad models:

1. Amount of memory.
2. Presence of cellular connection.

You should base your decision about item 1 on the quantity of content you're going to put on the device. If you want to have lots of music and videos, then get as much memory as you can afford.

As for item 2, the question is how much you'll be traveling with the iPad and how important it will be for you to have an always-on internet connection. If you need that, get the 3G model along with a cellular plan (available monthly).

That's about it.
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It wasn't a comparison of Courier vs the iPad? I have seen several articles comparing them according to productivity vs entertainment.
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If you're thinking of iPad vs competitors... you'll have to wait. The HP Slate is on its way but not out yet; Microsoft's Courier looks pretty impressive but it's pretty much a total unknown because it's not yet an actual product. Pretty sure Nokia's using its own background with the Maemo platform to build a new tablet design, so that'll be yet another option. But right now, the iPad is the only one that we actually have in our hands to form a real opinion about.
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Best answer: was it this? (chart at bottom)
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