How to save email files to SD on Mytouch 3G phone?
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My Touch 3 G---how to save e-mail attachments to the SD?

I just bought a MyTouch 3G from ebay. I've searched through the online manual and can't find how to save e-mail attachments like pictures and mp3 files, to the SD. I had a tweakable tmobile mda smart phone for years, which easily saved these files. Help!---and thanks :-).
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Android phones come with two email clients, are you referring to the gmail client or the other one? if you're using Gmail, you'll need to access it through the browser in order to save attachments. alternatively, look into the K-9 email client available in the Market. there are some open bugs related to this issue:

please star them so they get more developer attention.
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I've not tried it yet myself, but I think a file manager app should allow you to see the files that you download and put them on the SD. The key is first to download them to your handheld, and then use the file manager to copy and paste them into the /sdcard folder. Again, this is all theoretical, but I believe that is one of the main uses of the file manager apps (if you don't have the system rooted, that is).
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As jrishel says, you won't be able to do it from the GMail client, but you can do it through GMail in the browser if you get Astro File Manager and check Enable Browser Download in Astro's preferences.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I got the Astro File Manager and have successfully downloaded mp3s.

Is there any way to set ringtones using mp3 files on MyTouch 3G?

I am very UNHAPPY with the "uncustomizability" so far---to the point of stopping the ebay auction of my old MDA smart phone that was customized to the max. :-(

I did star the open bug threads, jrishel.
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Response by poster: Just found the site with instructions on how to add mp3 ringtone:
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Response by poster: Another question: I want the HTC qwerty keyboard, which I downloaded successfully, but it "force closed" . I researched further and found I needed the "clicker" file, which I found on google and downloaded, but the phone refuses to install it. ??
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Best answer: some of these issues will be fixed when your phone is updated to Android 2.1, which is supposed to happen "sometime in spring"

but to address your HTC keyboard issue, believe you need to root the phone to place to install the clicker file, but I'm not 100% sure of this. A custom rom would give you this access and would be a good place to look around or ask.

As for customizability, if you're not comfortable with applying a non-standard rom, look at the home replacement apps. You don't need root or a different rom for these and they are an easy way to change the look and feel.
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