How do we build a brand new home straight out of the 1800's?
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Can you tell me your experiences with building reproduction (colonial) homes in New Hampshire?

Asking for my parents, who are looking to to build a new home. Specifically they want a reproduction colonial, but are open to working with a builder to design plans. This is in the Southern NH area.

Have you had experience with a contractor that designs reproductions in this area or been involved with building a reproduction in NH/Massachusetts?

What was your experience in terms of the planning process?

What should they be looking for and what questions should they be asking prospective contractors?
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At this point they should be talking to architects, not contractors. Generally speaking, architects do the design work. Contractors execute.

"Colonial" is a very broad term, and "reproduction" is being misused here unless they actually plan to reproduce a particular building. Conversations with an architect will help them become much clearer and more specific about what they want.
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Your parents may want to start with a company that sells house plans so they aren't starting from scratch.

Colonial Williamsburg sells a collection of plans by William E. Poole. The exteriors are based on actual buildings in Williamsburg, but have a more modern layout on the inside. You can buy a catalog of plans for around $45 and then purchase the full plans for just the house you want. From that point, your parents could have a local contractor build it. (And Colonial Williamsburg will be only too happy to sell them decorating books, paint chips, furniture, etc.)

I also found this site, which seems to have a good collection of plans.

Looking through a few collections like these should help your parents narrow down what kind of colonial exterior they want to go for and whether they want a colonial-style or more modern interior layout. They might also want to check with a local architect or historical society if they want to pick a design that is more New England colonial.
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They want to reproduce a colonial saltbox style...
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