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I would like to find out the starting salary for a particular graduate program within a Victorian (Australia) statutory body, and how it compares to private sector salaries. I have been able to find Federal government pay classifications but not the Victorian ones, but I believe they should be available somewhere. Unfortunately, Google has not been helpful. Can someone enlighten?
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It is almost impossible to help you without knowing the job type and department involved.

See this page on Remuneration & Wages from the Vic gov.

To compare public sector wages to a private sector ones, browse the private job adverts in your field.
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Depending on the field, it will also change according to which council you're employed by.
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You should ask a mod to post the agency. Their certified agreement should be a public document.

Also, how did you find Fed govt pay classifications? They vary widely between agencies (each has its own agreement), hence the current hullaballoo about streamlining terms and conditions across the service. For example, the top of an EL2 at my agency is more than $30K above the top in other agencies.
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The Victorian Public Service (unlike the Commonwealth) has standard pay scales across agencies. At least a few years ago, grads began as VPS2s, and became 3s on completing the program. The websites of Industrial Relations Victoria, the CPSU or the State Services Authority should have the standard pay scales. Search for 'certified agreement' - they'll be an appendix to that.
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