I don't need the whole thing, just that widget part!
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Where do I find just the top half (bar part) of a tie chain like this?

I'd like to make my own tie chain using some things I already have, but I'd just need the horizontal bar portion to hang the chain off of. It seems like a flat piece of metal that you'd be able to get for .99 cents, but I can only find it as part of a finished tie chain for 15 bucks or more. Is there a specific term I need to search for on jewelry making sites or something?
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Try searching "jewelry findings". Most craft stores sell findings but the on line selection is infinitly better.
posted by misspat at 7:20 AM on April 3, 2010

I've heard it called a button hanger. Or there's this one. This one doesn't have a bar... but there's a start for you?
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Sorry - bad link. Here it is.
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