Where are the best used-camera shops in Berlin?
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Where are the good used-camera stores in Berlin, Germany?

Some friends of mine are in Berlin with their kids at the moment. They like photography, including film photography. But the faithful Nikon FM-2 one of them had been using has recently breathed its last. Where, then, are the best places in Berlin to browse for a good, not-too-expensive used film camera--and, for that matter, other photographic equipment?

This is information I'm planning to use myself, too, just as soon as I can swing myself a trip to Berlin...
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One of the best places is www.asa90.com in Kreuzberg neighborhood, also what concerns the prices. Quite a good choice in used stuff have www.fotomeyer.de in Wilmersdorf and www.wuestefeld.com with two shops in Charlottenburg. Another shop we saw is in Prenzlauer Berg: www.fotoli.de, but it was always closed. In Kreuzberg on Oranienburger Strasse, near crossing with Adalbertstrasse, is a turkish photographer who sells some used equipment. Another good place to look can be the fleemarket at Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg www.mauerparkmarkt.de. Good luck!
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Thanks! Very useful.
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Further information (in case anyone happens to search this thread in the future) from my friends, who found the answer above extremely useful. They wanted to add that:
anyone who's making the trip to Asa90 should also have a look at Photo Braune, a few blocks away at the junction between Hermannplatz and Karl-Marx Strasse. There's a huge range of analogue second-hand stuff there, including some older rangefinders, and the proprietor is very friendly and knowledgeable, also repairs cameras and incidentally speaks excellent English. Here are the details:

Karl-Marx-Str. 7
12043 Berlin
Tel.: 030/ 623 70 55

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fine! good to know that. will check it out on occasion. thx!
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