Help Me Find This Mid-1990s Independent Movie!
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I'm trying to find an indie movie that I saw in the mid-to-late 1990s. It's about college kids.

We had a giant satellite dish at our rural home in the mid-1990s and we got a bevy of random channels before we went to a sleek updated DirecTV box.
We had Sundance and IFC early on, and I am sure we saw this independent movie on one of those two channels in the mid to late 1990s (definitely no later than 2000).

It was not Slacker. I've seen that recently and that's not it. However, it's a similar kind of movie about Gen X college kids set in a college town. I think the focus was on a group of students living together in a house.

The one part that I remember best was that one of the residents in this house was kind of a mysterious nomad character. He had this thing where he would construct a map of the United States on the wall of his room out of napkins or fliers or souvenirs. Whenever he would complete the map on the wall, he would then leave and move on to a new community. At the end of the movie, the housemates discovered that he had left without saying good-bye and there was the completed map on the wall.

Does this ring any bells? I am trying to locate this movie and I haven't had much success.
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It does sound like that one scene in Slacker, but could you be thinking of something like the 1995 Kicking And Screaming?
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Yeah, I don't think that's an exact scene in "Kicking And Screaming," not to be confused with "Kicking & Screaming", which is all kinds of lame. But much of what you describe seems similar to some scenes in "Kicking And Screaming."
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Best answer: I believe you're thinking of The Four Corners of Nowhere. IMDB doesn't make any references to that bit in particular, but it's one of the few things I remember about the movie.
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Best answer: ^Vervain seems to be right. I found the trailer for The Four Corners of Nowhere on YouTube, and it had the map scene in it. Check it out. (I've linked to the scene specifically.)
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Response by poster: Yes yes yes! It is The Four Corners of Nowhere. Thanks for the link to the trailer, nitsuj- this is definitely it.

Kicking and Screaming is on Netflix Watch Instantly, conveniently! I started watching it but it didn't ring any bells (and, with that cast, I think I would have remembered it).

Awesome! Thank you all!
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I hope you finish watching Kicking and Screaming, though!
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Response by poster: Yes, it was pretty good.
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