Are there interesting events in Delaware (or even Philly) next weekend?
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We have close friends visiting next weekend (April 16) and are looking for some new fun things/events in Delaware (or as far as Philly/maybe Baltimore for something truly exceptional). More specifically, theatre (especially slightly avant garde) would be great.

So one of my closest friends and his husband are finally able to visit us next weekend (from Boston). They are amongst my favorite people in the world, and my wife and I are both really looking forward to their visit.

That having been said, we're looking for things to do. We've already got Longwood -- and possibly some of the local museums -- on the agenda (my wife is a librarian at Hagley, so we know these options pretty well), but we're looking more for events that might be fun. For our friends (and us) theatre would be a great option, but we're not looking for the latest touring company of Wicked (or what have you). For a reference point, when we visited our friends in Boston in December, we went to see (or perhaps "experience" is a better word) Sleep No More, which is MacBeth as an entirely non-linear, Hitchcock-era performance in a creepy old school.

So, People-Who-Are-More-Plugged-In, is there anything interesting/worthwhile like this in Delaware (or even Philly)? Any other really cool events that weekend we don't know about? My wife and I don't get out much in the evenings normally (besides dinner), but having friends visiting is a great excuse. Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to evenings, though; if this were a few weeks ago, for example, we might have gone up to Philly for the flower show. Obviously, the ability to get tickets is important, but if you have ideas, throw them out there, please! Many thanks!
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Curio Theatre starts their production of 12th Night on April 15th, they're a quirky troupe of West Philly weirdos who do awesome performances in an unoccupied church sanctuary on Baltimore Avenue. Lots of good restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance.
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Here are two theatre/art events that happen on a fairly regular basis in Philly, that I have personally attended -

1) Improvisational Comedy - check out ComedySportz Philly. My friends and I went there last weekend and had fun.

2) Art After 5 at the Art Museum. Friday nights, eat food and drink drinks and listen to music and look at art.

Philly also has a really big theatre community - you can search on the Philly Theatre Alliance website for upcoming shows. Here is a list of all the Alliance-listed shows that are happening, by month. If you do the "Search by date" thing you get connected to a larger database (the Philly Fun Guide - which is another good place to look for stuff to do) - that may or may not be helpful. Something that caught my eye is "Blue Monster" at UArts; it's apparently an old Italian commedia show.

Have fun!
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Well, none of those things ended up jumping out at us enough to warrant the drive up to Philly, but thanks especially for the Theatre Alliance website, which is quite helpful.

(Thanks, also, for the suggestion of the Curio Theatre; I'll probably keep my eyes open for future shows there.)
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