mac os x fine automatic fine volume control
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Is there any way to get the apple keyboard and the apple remote to use the fine volume adjustments explained here automatically?
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I can't answer your question the way you're hoping for, but I might be able to help.

The Apple keyboard volume keys use a +/- 5 out of a scale of 100. That's why the volume bounces up or down a little too much. Personally, I hate it, but I also have found that going all the way to +/- 1 is too little a change. I downloaded an app called Spark and created Applescripts to change the volume plus or minus 2. I've been really pleased by the results. I wrote a how-to post here.

I'd assume a similar approach would work for the Apple remote. I don't use mine... but if I do, I'll find software that lets me remap the Apple remote key functions (I haaaaaaaaate Front Row. All I want my Apple remote to do is Play/Pause/Forward/Back for iTunes plus system volume up/down. Like I said, eventually I will find an app to remap my remote to do that).

Best of luck! I'll definitely check back to see if anyone else has a better way.
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This is trivial to do with ControllerMate. Just set up a profile (the keyboard shortcuts mapped to the remote) and you are good to go.
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Oh, and you can map the keyboard to do that as well.
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