Youth incarceration rates
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How many juveniles were incarcerated in 2009?
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What is the age range for a juvenile? In the whole world?
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what do you mean by "incarcerate"? juveniles jailed, or juveniles jailed then sentenced to state or federal prison time?

in any case, you can always reference or contact the Office of Juvenile Justice & Deliquency Prevention - here's their stats page (doesn't look like they've got numbers past 2008, tho)
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If you're looking for U.S. data, it's still a little early for 2009 figures (takes a while to crunch the numbers), but the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has an online data analysis tool here, which you may find helpful.
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In 2008, U.S. law enforcement agencies arrested an estimated 2.11 million persons younger than age 18, a 3-percent decline over 2007. It doesnt look like 2009 data is available yet. Link - Here
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I just asked a friend of mine who studies US prisons, and he said approximately 3000. He adds that about half of these were sexually assaulted while in prison, often by prison guards. Can't give you a link though...
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