Good documentaries about South America in Spanish?
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What are some excellent documentaries (especially "non-traditional") about South America? Ideally in Spanish.

Having just watched Sin Mapa by Calle 13 (which was surprisingly good), I want to watch some good documentaries about South America in Spanish, and if anyone knows of documentaries that have the sort of personal touch that Sin Mapa had, that'd be great.

Particular interests:
-Neo-liberalism and its complete failure
-US anti-communist policy in south
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Not entirely in Spanish but Naomi Klein's The Take is really good (typing on my phone so no link, sorry).
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Fall of Fujimori, The Revolution will not be Televised, Thirst the Movie
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Hmm. I came to suggest Bus 174, but it's about a hostage situation, not the complete failure of neo-liberalism in the region. Anyway.
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Beardman, I said that those were interests, but really any interesting documentary will do. Snideness is always appreciated though.
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Maquilapolis is a documentary about Mexico, but it covers neo-liberalism / NAFTA problems really well, and is in Spanish. Definitely worth a look, if you're not too chuffed about the specific region.
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Quadrilaterals, that is an excellent suggestion, and it looks like it will have the personal touch that I'm looking for. I'm not tied to a region, really, was just fishing for anything about Uruguay especially IF it exists, as I'm currently living there and would love to see if there's any more profound works treating the nation.
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Any major dude's recommendations are also quite excellent, and I'd love any more documentaries about Venezuela especially
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All I meant: "This comes to mind, it's not exactly what you asked for, but that aside, you might still like it." Crikey.
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