Screenshots in powerpoint don't render
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When I take screenshots on my mac and paste them into a power point presentation I can see them, but anyone I send the ppt to gets no pictures, just a quicktime decompressor message. Images do render to a pdf. This never used to happen to me on my last powerbook. Are there settings that I can change? Thanks
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When you take screenshots on a Mac, they're in .TIFF format. You need to to convert them to a .JPG - you can do this by opening them in Preview, and doing a save-as.
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Go to the application named Grab. The preference pane there should let you choose filetype (I've got mine set to PNG), and that should affect screengrabs throughout OS X.
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Or, instead of copying to the clipboard, use the shortcut (Cmd+Shift+4, for example) to save to a PNG on your desktop instead. The PNG files should display fine in PowerPoint.
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I don't seem to have an application called grab in my apps - should I download it?
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Sorry, should have said that it'll be in Utilities (as in Applications > Utilities > Grab).
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Thanks I found it, but no options to change in the prefs but pointer type. Thanks for the help everyone!
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Grab will save to tiff which you can then open with preview and save as png/jpeg. Should get you there, but is annoying. You can change the default screenshot format that the shortcuts generate by following the instructions here.
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$ defaults write type png
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You don't need Grab.

1. cmd-ctrl-shift-4
2. click + drag to outline the area you want to capture
3. open preview
4. cmd-n (for new document)
5. screen-cap appears as a new document
6. save as.gif or .jpg
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I'm on Snow Leopard and the Grab default format is png. It was that way in Leopard too. In Tiger I think it was a PDF. I never changed any settings. It always did this behavior. On my old powerbook I had Snapz and it offered TIFF as a file format, but it was years ago since I used that.
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I'm not sure where your problem lies, but when I get that Quicktime issue moving a Powerpoint file from Mac to Windows it's usually because I pasted the file into Powerpoint. It doesn't seem to happen if you go to Insert-->Picture and import the file into Powerpoint rather than pasting it.
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They save as a png if I save them to the desktop then and then insert them into ppt. If I try to paste them into the ppt they are .tiffs. It didn't used to be this way on my last laptop. I'm just trying to get around the extra step of inserting the pic....
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