Where to go for professional digital imaging services in Canada?
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Professional photographers in Canada: looking for Canadian based digital imaging lab with services similar to White House Custom Color?

In addition to regular prints, service would also need to be able to do photo books and short runs of things like postcards and greeting cards.
Bonus points for something in Vancouver BC!

(WHCC does ship to Canada, but at a pretty high cost. I am looking for alternatives to shipping from US.)
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You might not know this, but Canada is huge, eh?

ABC is apparently in Vancouver and I've used Toronto Image Works very happily in the past. Can you narrow it down by city?
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Thanks for the replies.

I'm in Vancouver, but I don't mind using a service based in another province.

Toronto Image Works looks to focus mostly on prints, enlargements, and mounting and not so much the greeting cards, photo books, etc that WHCC does.

I've used ABC as a consumer before, but have not signed up for a professional account. The website is pretty tight-lipped about the products and services that they offer to professional photographers unless I apply for an account to get any information. I understand that and don't mind applying but before I go throwing my credit card numbers around it would be great if someone could aconfirm that they offer the range of products that WHCC does.

I'm specifically looking for (in addition to prints in a variety of sizes), photo books, small print run
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..... I'm specifically looking for (in addition to prints in a variety of sizes), photo books, small print runs of greeting cards, and canvas wraps.
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My wife (a self employed photographer) recommends Technicare. She uses both WHCC and Technicare and the quality of Techincare prints is just as good (she particularly enjoys the lustre finish). Their website is useless, so head over to the Burnaby location where they'll be happy to help you.
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