Making Chrome work with custom TLD
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How do I make Chrome work with my company's intranet?

My job has a private TLD that we use for various internal tools (wikis, ticketing systems, inventory management, etc.) They all go by, or sometimes The problem is, when I try and type these address into Chrome's combo address/search bar, it just ends up searching for it and not going to that web address. So my question is, how can I fix it?
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This would seem to work, I think.
posted by Solomon at 3:43 AM on March 31, 2010

Try adding them to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts if they're not there already
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Add http:// before the server name so Chrome won't treat it as a search string.
posted by I-baLL at 6:23 AM on March 31, 2010

It's possible IE is set to go through a proxy at your job and that proxy will allow access to the internal domains and subdomains. If so, Chrome must also be set to this proxy or somehow directed towards these hosts.
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