How busy is Coyote Gulch in late June?
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Does anyone know how busy Coyote Gulch would be in late June (say, in people per day)? Or how busy the Escalante backcountry area in general would be? Or alternately, is there a message board for people to talk about the Escalante area, like there is for Death Valley?
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I can't speak for Escalante or Death Valley exactly, but Moab really clears out by the end of June, compared to mid-May, as the weather really heats up.
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I'd call the BLM office and ask.
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I was in Escalante last year (end May/early june), went to the Peek-a-boo/Spooky area in Coyote Gulch; the only other hikers we saw were along the Escalante River. (Everything depends on whether it rained recently on Hole-in-the-Rock road.)
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Asked a friend of mine who rafts that area periodically. "It won't be absolutely deserted, and if it is it will be because it's too hot for you to be sane and be there." She adds that any place away from the water probably won't be much fun in June. (i.e., it'll be horribly hot)
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