Irish Dougie
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(Irish Pronunciation) Dougie. The name. As pronounced in Ireland, specifically.
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Do you have any context for this? I lived in Ireland all my life and have never heard of an Irish person called this.
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I know a DOOgie and a DUGGie, both of Irish extraction. (Short for Douglas.)
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I think of this as more of a Scottish name than an Irish one, and - like vivkyverky - I've heard it pronounced both ways.
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Our son is a Douglas and we picked it because of its Scottish associations (my family are Scottish). Either one - as noted by vickyverky and pammeke - are acceptable pronounciations although he gets pissed if I call him DOOgie (unless I am doing it with a Scottish accent).

I guess strictly speaking it has Gaelic origins so it may also be an Irish name.
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If short for Douglas, it will be DUGGie. If short for Dougal, it will be DOOgie. And yeah, Scottish.
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With an Irish brogue, "duggie" would be closer to (but not quite) dogie, as in, "get along little dogies."

It's definitely a Scottish name, but it's also conceivably an Ulster-Scots name, which is probably Irish enough.
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Yeah, it's a Scottish name. You might find it in Northern Ireland? Pronounced like Dew-gie (the wet stuff on grass in the morning).
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I'm from Northern Ireland and I've only heard DOOgie. It tends to be a predominantly Ulster Protestant name and is therefore pronounced in line with Ulster-Scots - in which Douglas is often (but not always) pronounced DOOglas.
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My husband (who is Scottish) is Dougie, and his Northern Irish friend calls him DOOgie, or DOOg.
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If you'd really need to hear it said aloud, maybe you can ask one of the nice Irish people here to take a few minutes to register on Forvo and pronounce it for you. (I joined and as far as I remember it's not hard nor long to do so)

There is an entry on Dougie but it was pronounced with a UK accent:

Hope this might help!
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I'd pronounce it Dug-ey just from reading it, but could easily see it as being Doo-gie, especially if from a Nothern Irish person.
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