Trying to ID some old hockey memorabilia
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I am wondering about the origins of these 1960s NHL vignette photo card things.

There are more; they were in with a collection of 1960s Bee Hive Hockey photos. They are not particularly thick nor thin (definitely not magazine clippings) and there is nothing on the reverse side. Any idea who might have manufactured these?
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There are more

posted by iconomy at 8:47 AM on March 30, 2010

What I meant was, are there any more on the site or did you buy them all? Did you ask the Bee Hive site owner about them?
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[Sorry for the lack of clarity -- I meant, they were in with a bunch of Bee Hive photos given to me recently; no connexion to that site. The "more" are sitting on my desk]
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I googled some without success, what I'm thinking is they came in a cereal box, one site talked about cards coming out of Shirriff Desserts, York Peanut Butter and Post Cereal product, but no matching photos found
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