Partner referral tracking application?
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Name that application: a client is looking to move their partner referral tracking online and I would like to avoid hand-coding a solution for various reasons. But I'm having trouble finding suitable "boxed" solutions as most Google results are for "referral tracking" of the spamish kind. Detailed description inside.

This application would be accept leads from partners (where a "partner" can be anyone online, but there are multiple levels of partners) through an online form. The client assigns the lead to a sales guy, chases it down, updates the status. If the status is a new account, the referrer gets compensated. Because the compensation could exceed US$600 annually, the system also needs to accept W9 info (which is why I'd really like to see an ASP solution if at all possible) and generate 1099s at the end of the year.

Additionally, the tool should allow all partners to login and view the status of their referrals, compensation history, etc.
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The extraneous "be" in the first sentence is free to the person with the best recommendation.
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I think the term you're looking for is "CRM" or "customer relationship management".
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yerfatma, sorry to say this but everyone I know rolls their own because there's no way to standardize systems across a whole bunch of different clients. Every vertical market's referrals are going to run differently, and every customer's going to need to integrate it with their operations in a particular way. My company develops this kind of custom system. Email's in the profile, I'll avoid shilling myself here.
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Thanks for the heads up. The real fun will be integrating it all with Siebel on their back-end.
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