What are the longest individual presidential time limits in the world?
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What are the longest individual presidential term limits in the world?

I'm trying to find out which country, with a democratically elected presidential system, has the longest individual time limit for its president. I know that the Mexican president stays in office for 6 years, the French for 5, and the American for 4. Is there any country that has a longer term?
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Do you mean term limits or terms? An American president can have 2 four year terms for example
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Best answer: Wikipedia List of Politicial Term Limits.

It looks like, barring countries with 'no limits', seven for Ireland and Uzbekistan (2 in a row allowed) and Israel (no repeats), and "President of the European Central Bank - Eight years, unrenewable". There are a few with 4- or 5-year terms with no limits if they aren't consecutive.
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Best answer: Is this Wikipedia list of term limits any use to you?
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In Italy the president stays in office for 7 years.
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Response by poster: @IanMorr my english is kinda wonky today. I meant to say terms. What is the longest single individual term. I doesn't mater if they include reelection or not.
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Keep in mind that not all presidents are created equal. The president of the United States is a lot different than the president of Germany (a largely ceremonial office), or the president of Egypt (who is effectively a dictator).
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The way the Irish presidential system works is that if an incumbent decides to run for a second term, he or she is often unopposed and there is no ballot, which can mean 14 years between each election. This has happened three out of the four times that a president has run for a second term.
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