Need to find old-school pepperoni pizza in Boston/Southern NH!
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Remember when pepperoni on pizza was thick and would curl up and collect it's own grease in a nice little meat bowl? I need to find a pizza place in the Boston or Southern NH area that still cooks their pizza that way.

A few coworkers and I remembered it being mostly Greek places that used to make this kind of pepperoni pizza. But none of the places we visit make a pizza quite like that anymore. And nobody seems to know where we can find one.

Secondarily, why is it that the pepperoni cooks so differently these days? It it because it's cut so much thinner? Lower quality meat?
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I find that the Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza (specifically, the pan pizza) does this. You may not find this an acceptable answer, but when I need crispity grease-holding goodness, nothing else does the trick.
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Dano's in Plaistow, NH used to make pepperoni pizza like this several years ago, thought I have not been recently. It's right over the border next to Haverhill, MA. And it's a Greek place.
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Response by poster: Actually, my coworker used to get his greasy pepperoni pizza from Dano's. But he says they're one of the places that no longer make it like that.
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Sal's , which has a few locations in southern NH has pizza like this---here's a pic. And OMG is it good.

Regina's is also a good bet for such pizza, if I remember correctly---it has been a couple years since I have eaten there. Pain to find a place to park there though, better idea to take the T.

Both of these are Italian style places.
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Try asking your favorite place for the pizza "well done". Like seriously double the time they would usually bake it for. If its a place that has the conveyor belt over, have them put it through twice. I LOVE when pepperoni curls up and gets crispy, and that does the trick every time.
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I just had pizza at Regina's in Station Crossing (Wellington Station in Medford), and their pepperoni is still thick and curly like that.
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Grocery store frozen pizza (red barron from experience) usually does that when baked - I know you've asked for a venue but if all else fails...
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Armando's in Cambridge.
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2nd Reginas, and if you go to Thatcher Street in the North End you can ask for extra oil. yummmmmmmmmy
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I'd like to highlight, in agreement with others, that what you are seeing is overcooked pepperoni (which, in your case, is cooked just right.) The oil separates out of the meat and puddles in the middle, while the corners of the pepperoni dry and curl like bologna in a frying pan. I suspect this would be a very poor indicator of pizza quality, as your post seems to imply--not all pepperoni is universally going to do this when overcooked, but I doubt it's an intended behavior dependent on quality.
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Regina's is part of Polcari's, which has a number of locations north of Boston and even in Salem, NH. I agree with the post above that ordering your pizza 'Well Done' from them should get you a pizza with the curled up pepperoni that you desire.
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minor point: it's not just "overcooked" pepperoni - it's also that pepperoni slices used to be thicker in the past (my past at least: Town Pizza, Riverside, RI, represent!) - and it used to be cut from the smaller, more cured, and more compact pepperoni sausages, the ones about an inch or so in diameter - today, most pepperoni seems less cured, & larger (2 inches or more in diameter) - more like salami

and, oh do i miss it too - the way the hot oil in those little meat cups were just waiting to sear the roof of your mouth... what could be better? i will be watching this thread with interest to see if anyone is still doing it "right" :)
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I've worked at a Pizza Hut. The thing you're looking really is just well-done pepperoni. Have them put in in one and a half times the usual amount. I used to do this for some people, though I don't really recall what prompted it. They probably asked for it well-done, for all I remember.
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Seconding Sal's pizza. Mmm.
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Damn it.
I'm in L.A. and you just made me hungry. good luck.
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