Help me figure out what TV-movie / TV special this is!
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Please help me figure out what TV movie / TV special from the 80s I'm remembering. It involved a woman receiving a manufactured child in the mail that required her to add water (or some other liquid) to activate it.

The rest of the plot revolved around the company that was making these children trying to get the child back. It aired on one of the broadcast channels during the mid to late 80's. NBC/ABC/Fox/CBS/WWOR or one of the others that was broadcasting in Lower NY at the time.

I've been searching for it on and off for years and have come up with nothing. Help!
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Small Wonder?
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Holy S@#t! You just solved in six minutes what I've been trying to figure out for years. Thank you so much!
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Oh my God! I had vague memories of this as well and had contemplated doing an AskMe question about it! I very strongly remember the kid arriving at the doorstep in a blue barrell, but have very little memory of the rest of it. Now I wonder how I can see it again! Thanks for asking the question and thanks to Madamina for answering it.
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I only saw like 10 minutes of it, but I had kept it in my head (SINCE 1985 SERIOUSLY WTF) for some reason or other. I think the only thing I remembered was the fact that, yes, he was hiding in a barrel and everyone was running around looking for him.

I win at randomness. You're welcome!
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I loved the book by Christine Nöstlinger. Her books are all worth reading.
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Pour the nutrient solution over the contents of this can immediately!
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