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Main Q: I wish to host my bookmarks on my webspace now. Am hosting with Dreamhost (MySQL/PHP/Python/Perl..etc). Want code with 1)mefi-like tagging 2)nice selection filter(ALL flash AND word-games BUT NOT anagrams OR java) and quick search. You get the idea. 3)Ability to set 'shared' and 'private' access. Bonus points for three options i.e. bookmarks visible only with my password, those visible by all, and those accessible by others with "guest" privileges. I looked at Yahoo! directory. Most seem to be hosts like furl or del.icio.us.
Slightly-related Q: How do I extract all my stumbleupon sites in the Firefox profile directory to a nice HTML file?
Tie-in Q: How do I make the bookmark app I choose, import these StumbleUpon links?


Addendum: I wouldn't mind the app to also support notes with hyperlinks, but that's not so important. Ideal situation would be cross-referencing, i.e. say each link has an unique ID in the Db -> #667 (www.metafilter.com). So, I can compose notes like:

Some good community blogs are [link id=667]Metafilter[/link] and [link id=872]Monkeyfilter[/link].

Now, in the bookmarks mode, when I display entry 667, there's a "trackback", this link is referenced in [note id=233]Note Title[/note] and [note id=592]Note Title[/note].

Don't fret if such an app isn't present, just a hope.
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How do I extract all my stumbleupon sites in the Firefox profile directory to a nice HTML file?

Well, there's a bookmarklet that exports your SU favorites into Firefox bookmarks. You'd have to take it one step further by exporting bookmarks to HTML though.

StumbleUpon rocks! Perhaps you could cross-ask these Qs in the forums?
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Look at Bookmark4U. PHP-based, has some level of tagging and has public / private views. There are some demo sites listed at the bottom of the sourceforge page. I've found it easy to install and use.
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sardonista, that app has a folder arrangement system. Tags are more flexible. If nothing else, I'll try it. Thanks.
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I'm not sure if this will have everything you wanted - I don't think it has a guest option - but I love MySQLinks.

It looks like, in reviewing your requirements, it might not be entirely as flexible as you'd like, but it is still a self-hosted links option and it is quite good.
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