Did Rice Actually Refer to Bush as Her Husband?
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I have been told by a few people something that I don't really believe and I would appreciate confirmation of its untruth, They have said that Condoleeza Rice referred to GW Bush as her husband - in some interview or in answer to some question. Could this be true?
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Just a slip of the tongue, and it wasn't recorded, I don't think.
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People who talk for a living occasionally slip, as Bush himself frequently demonstrates. Doesn't sound much more harmful than the sort of slip elementary school children often make, calling their female teachers 'mother' or 'mom' without realizing it.
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well, they're used to saying "mom". it seems odd for an unmarried person to be in the habit of saying "my husband".
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Also, I'm wondering what just preceded that. If somebody else said "my husband", for example, it would make a little more sense... Sometimes people absentmindedly parrot a phrase that has just been used. I've even done it in comments here.
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The only thing that I've ever heard that even relates to this is a recent MeFi post about Condi's cousin Vaginal Davis, where she claimed Condi and Bush were getting down and dirty.

Hardly any solid facts, but I could see some people suspecting she has a thing for Bush.
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Vaginal Davis is a drag queen. She claims to be Condi Rice's first cousin. Here's her blog making the accusation.
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First result when googling "rice bush husband".
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the linkup. May I also direct you to Rice's alleged cousin, Vaginal Jones:

Vaginal Davis Blog
So here it is, la familia "T" for all the world to know: Condolezi Rice is my cousin, and actually she’s my first cousin. Until she got involved with the president she was basically a non sexual dyke. Wound too tight and way too brittle, more so than any brittle blonde i know. Thats why she's remained a lesbian virgen, but she is definitely bumping bush with Mr. Dub. Who I’ve heard from reliable sources doesn’t have a very large penis but does have a giant mushroom headed knob. Both Diane "I Am a Man" Feinstein and Barbara Boxer were too lenient with Condi during the senate hearings, at least Babs challenged her, but not enough for it to count.
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Just a slip of the tongue, and it wasn't recorded, I don't think.

Wasn't it? I thought I saw it on The Daily Show.
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One one hand, I say dumb things like this all the time.

On the other hand, a George-Laura-Condoleeza 3-way is intriguing on so many levels.
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They're totaly doing it.

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