Need ideas for shopping for baby girls
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Baby-girl shopping- ahem. Favorite places, anyone?

I am totally horrible at this kind of thing called shopping.
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Like, actual *infant* clothing? (And if so, congratulations!) Honestly? I love to shop at Target for baby girl clothes. They have a line called Circo that's *adorable*, all the pieces mix and match, and they're very, very sturdy. Really cute stuff, and very affordable.
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This AskMe was not about baby girls but did have good information about shopping sites for infants clothes & accessories.
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Gift for the most rock n' roll ex-boss. The classy lady with the faux alligator trenchcoat.
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get some little tees (good luck btw, and if anyones a good source, let me know) some ink-jet iron on paper, and go to town. my little one (20 months) has 4 tees, and 3 sweatshirts. her fav? the pink sweatshirt with the black skull and cross bones of course.
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There's a place on Hudson Street in the Village caleed Peanut Butter & Jane that had some neat stuff. I bought Christmas presents for my baby neice there.
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Hanna Andersson is the bee's knees.
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A couple I know bought two baby girls in Russia; I think that's a pretty good place to get 'em. (Okay, they called it adoption, but...)
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I am always totally clueless about gifts to buy for my nephews. The Babies R Us section of has age-appropriate stuff and they have reviews that I found very helpful.
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I hate to say it, but BabyGap has great, sturdy stuff. And everything eventually gets marked down to $6.97. Never pay full price there.
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BabyWit has onesies and shirts with "rockin" and "pop culture" categories.
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