Help us name a new LLC
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We need a name for our LLC!

We have sold our company (an applied research company in the environmental sciences) and need to establish an LLC to both to receive funds from the buyout, and to establish a group for insurance purposes. We will still be doing some consulting, but for all intents, we are retiring. The names we have so far are:

Pactum factum (done deal)
Otium acta (beach bum, sort of)

We're not crazy about either one, and it can be in Latin, or not. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Amalgamated Folkways.
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Riparian Assets
Gusaroo Heavy Industries

You can also generated a bunch of web 2.0-sounding names here.
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Egress Research, LLC
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Sin-Energy (a play on synergy, everyone's favorite corporate term)
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Gone Fishin', LLC
Elle Elle Cee, LLC
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Bipambop, LLC
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Siyalatar, LLC
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Be sure you do a name search with the secretary of state before settling on a name. A lot of business entity names are incredibly prosaic, as the names are used by their owners to keep their businesses distinct in their heads, but there are literally thousands of entities chartered at any given time, so the odds of [clever title] already having been used are pretty good.
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[Clever Title], LLC

Make sure you include the brackets. The brackets are essential.
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Common names

Applied Sciences Hardworked, LLC

Sold n Done, LLC

Sold and Done Consulting, LLC

Done with The Sale, LLC

Done with The Sale Consulting, LLC

Hardwork's Worth, LLC
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Money and Run
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Remediated & Depurated
Background Landfarms
Natural Recovery Engineering Specialists
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Great ideas! There are several here that we like. Thanks MeFites!!
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