Seattle lawyer for a Startup
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I need a Seattle lawyer to help guide me through contract negotiations with VC/Angel investors.

I've got a good website that we've been building for 6 months, and are now getting traction in the market. The next step is to get seed funding to fund operations for another 18 months (~$100K in this round).

I've got the pitch deck and basic financing down, but I'm going to need a lawyer to have my back if & when the contracts start coming out. I'd love to have a lawyer I can call and depend on throughout this process who knows the space and has done it before.
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A $100,000 investment won't attract the interest of venture capitalists.

That amount may attract some angel investors.

The distinction between angel investors and venture capitalists is an important one, and you should retain the services of a lawyer familiar with angel investors. Angel investors typically invest less money than venture capitalists and have different demands and expectations.
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Response by poster: Roger that. There are VCs that do seed-round funding, which is why I included them in the question.
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I've had a few friends doing start-ups in the bay that swear by the Emerging Companies lawyers at Davis Wright Tremaine. The head partner of the practice group is in Seattle, so I'd assume they'd have decent support for this in the Seattle office. Although my friends have only worked with the SF office, so no guarantees.

Check em out here
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