Good Muslim blogs?
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Do you know any good blogs written by Muslims, especially devout Muslims, about Islam? It's quite a slog trying to find readable ones!
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This American Muslim

Articles by Ali Eteraz (not a blog, sorry)

Muslimah Media Watch

Fatemeh Fakhraie

Muslim Reverie

Racialicious has some good posts about Islam as well.
posted by Ziggy500 at 4:57 AM on March 25, 2010 [1 favorite] has some interesting articles, but I get the impression it wouldn't be considered correct/orthodox by any Sunni Madh'hab.
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Hijabman's been blogging on the internet for about a decade now, and writes more personally - his day to day life, interspersed with religion

Mona Eltahawy, who writes with a more political and activist slant.

Both are widely known in the Muslim blogosphere.
Both of these write from a more "liberal" Muslim standpoint, which is not the antithesis of 'devout' :-)
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Also, somewhat tangentially, Taqwacore, "Muslim punks" (previously) webzine.
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City of Brass
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Al-Miskeenah: the depths of piety and devotion.

Others not in order of devoutiness: - topical group blogging

City of Brass

Brass Crescent Awards - honoring the best in the islamosphere

AltMuslim - not really a blog

Indigo Jo

Seeker's Guidance Blog

Mind, Body, Soul

DeenPort - UK Community Portal, blog-like with a good rss section
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Question: do the blogs need to be in English, or can you also read Arabic or Urdu?
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I ran across Rumoured last month, which is written a Muslim couple living in Britain. Not terribly active, but I remembered being impressed with the thoughtfulness even in the comments.
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"About Islam" is pretty broad, not sure quite what you have in mind, but you might check out Inside Islam, from the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Radio. The bloggers include Muslims and non-Muslims, and topics range widely.
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Response by poster: Orthogonality: French is also OK (go go French colonial history!) but I cannot read Urdu or Arabic. This is basically me having fun as a religious studies dork.
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Arabic Gems is a blog specifically about tafsiir, Qur'anic exegesis.
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