Another half-forgotten book.
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Name that children's book! I read it in the late 70's or early 80's around the end of grade school, beginning of middle school. I remember nothing at all of the plot, but it had a theme of dying and reliving your young life, physically.

Central to the story was the idea that as you get old and close to death, your younger self came back as a tangible entity and ran around behaving like you had. The book definitely used the word "doppelganger" to describe this spirit. There was an old woman with a doppelganger and a dog with one, too. The protagonist was a girl, and the old woman was probably her grandmother, but not necessarily.

It wasn't a ghost story, per se, not a horror story, but probably a mystery or suspense story. I most likely was living on the East Coast, U.S when I read it, although it's possible I read it in Texas.
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You might want to ask the librarians at Project Wombat, since you don't appear to be getting a bite here.
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Response by poster: I ask Librarian Mom, who I figurd might have remembered my reading it, but she had no luck!
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