All I want is a text. Is that so wrong?
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I need help remembering stuff. But I don't want to be productive.

I am a fairly frequent user of PingMe, and I just got word that the wonderful PingMe service is going to be discontinued in a couple weeks. Do you know of a good replacement for it?

I specifically do NOT want something as full-fledged as Remember the Milk, if I can avoid it - literally all I want this service for is to send me texts so I can remember stuff I need to do after work. I don't need or want productivity apps, or anything full-featured; I just want a service where I can enter my cell phone number, a bit of text to send myself later, a time at which I want it sent, and nothing else. If I have to go the RTM route, I can, but there's gotta be something out there that's more lightweight, right?

I suppose I could use Google Calendar for this, but that gets into the feature-creep thing again; PingMe was perfect because it did very little and it did it very well. I'd love to find a replacement that is as lightweight and awesome, if it exists.
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Does your cellphone have a calendar you can set appointments (with alarms) on?
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It does, but it's a crappy old phone (so the calendar is rudimentary and data entry is...tedious), and I don't have it with me for big chunks of my day, so it's not ideal for what I need. That's why I was hoping there was a web app - I'm always in front of my laptop, and if something strikes me I'd like to be able to schedule a text to be sent for 5pm or whatever.
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Letter Me Later lets you send texts or emails at whatever time you specify.
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Best answer: I haven't used it lately, but Oh Don't Forget does this.
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I use Google Calendar to do just that. You can set up events via text message, and set up your calendar to automatically send reminders. So it's quick and easy to use day-to-day, but if you ever need to make some changes or set up a more complicated event, it's easy to access online.
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Response by poster: ohdontforget is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Thanks!
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