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Cheap transportation between Prague/Vienna and Graz?

I'll be travelling in Prague and Graz in the beginning of April, and am looking for a good way to get from one city to another (from Prague to Graz, and then Graz to Vienna). I've used ÖBB in the past and while the trains live up to their reputations, they're also quite pricey--for a trip between Vienna and Graz the prices are about 33 euro, which is high for my budget (especially as I'll be paying about that much to cover roughly four times the distance outside of Austria). I'm not young enough to qualify for the discounts, and I don't travel frequently enough in Austria to make a travel pass a logical purchase.

Outside of hitchhiking, which I'll consider but doesn't really conform to a timetable, what are some options for getting around cheaply? I can get a reasonably priced bus from Prague to Vienna, but I don't relish the idea of paying about 100USD for a short round-trip ticket in Austria. If there isn't a cheap bus/train option, where are the good hitching points between the two Austrian cities, and how much can I expect to pay?
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Perhaps look into car pooling or ride sharing options.
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You can try a Eurolines bus. Not too sure how much they cost but there is a direct bus from Graz to Vienna.
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I don't think you'll find a public option that's cheaper than the train (pretty sure you can't take the Euroline bus, contrary to what sebas suggested, since they'd fill their bus with people going Vienna -> Graz and then travel empty to Romania, which doesn't make much business sense). Private is the way to go, going rate seems to be 10 euros per direction and person, but arranging both directions will be a hassle, especially if you want trips during the easter holiday period.

Here is a page of stuff to search if you're really about to wade into this, I think there is no single resource that concentrates this stuff since the arrangements are usually private, so you're essentially scanning classifieds.

Then again, trying won't hurt since you can always give up and hop on the train anyway.
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The mitfahrgelegenheit board is fairly popular in Germany and Switzerland for finding. I've linked the Austrian site.
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I just did a search, and it'll be 10€ each way, so long as someone is offering for the day/times that you need.
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molecicco: wow, cool board! I'm in Vienna now, and there tend to be nice deals if you're going in a group for day trips.

There's a ticket called 'Einfach-Raus' that gives you a same-day roundtrip anywhere in Austria for €28 for 2-5 people. You can also try to combine this with the mitfahrgelegenheit board and see if someone wants to join your pool. You can also just use this one-way, if you have a big enough group to make it worth it. Note, you may not use fast trains (Regionalzüge only) and I believe you need to have 2 people.
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can I suggest using Cesky Krumlov as a stop along the way? Regular bus tickets from Prague to Cesky Krumlov are about 160 CZK/6 euros (if I'm remembering/reading the site correctly). From Cesky Krumlov you can book the Shuttle Lobo to Linz, for 450 CZK/18 euros. They also have an option Cesky Krumlov to Vienna for around 50 euros. Also, you know, Cesky Krumlov is not a bad place to kill a few hours waiting for a bus!

As far as Linz to Graz goes, I'm stuck, but hopefully this can help you get across the border somewhat cheaply.
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