Catonsville / Ellicott City MD Vet recomendation
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a Vet in the Catonsville or Ellicott City MD area? We have an older cat with some health issues, and don't feel we are getting the best care from our current vet. Does anyone have any recommendations in the area? Thank you!
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It's slightly out of your way, but I can't speak highly enough of Metropolitan Cat Hospital in Owings Mills. Dr. Siegel is wonderful and has always given our cats the best of care.
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Also slightly out of the way but I've had really good experiences at Rock Gorge Animal Hospital in Laurel
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Dr. Mills, Hillendale Animal Hospital - it is maybe a half hour drive but he's pretty old school and a good, caring vet.

6839 Loch Raven Blvd Towson, MD 21286

My neighbor has someone in Ellicott City - I'll ask her for the info. She's on vacation, so it may be a few days before I get it.
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Yes. My parents - multiple cats, a panoply of ailments over the years - rave about Bethany Animal Hospital - in particular, a Dr. Donnegan there. (Not sure of the spelling. Just talked to my Dad on the phone, he wasn't sure off the top of his head, either, but phonetically, that should put you in the right neighborhood.)
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Follow-up from Mom:

"The Bethany Centennial Animal Hospital does a complete senior cat exam. Charlotte Dunigan is our usual vet. Also Drs. Heir and Pusateri are good with cats.

"In Catonsville, Dr. Cheryl Burke at Paradise Animal Hospital on Rt. 144 is excellent."

All together now: "Thaaaaaaaaaank yooooooou, Mom."
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone (Including el_lupino's mom)!
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