NYT article about best tax lawyer
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I'm looking for a NYT article about the country's best tax lawyer. A man infamous for finding loopholes and his perspective on the ethics of his work. It was very interesting. Does anyone know where to find it?
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When did you read it? Are you certain it was in the NYT? Do you remember any other details about him--where he practiced, etc?
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In a Google search string, site:nytimes.com will limit results to the Times' site. My search for 'loopholes tax lawyer ethics -rangel site:nytimes.com' returned 484 results, but I bet you could narrow that pool further.

All that said, nothing on the first page looked like the article you describe. To echo sallybrown, are you certain it was the NYT? And what else do you remember about it?
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Best answer: I think this is it. I found it very interesting too.
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willbaude appears to have found your man
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This is a memorable article -- I remember reading it at the time. Money quote:
He was fascinated to find that the U.S. tax code was something like the Soviet's opposite: an intensely political law that favors the ruling elite but is administered objectively.

It would be fascinating if ILS were purchased by Intuit or someone else in the money management software field who could bring his strategies to a still broader audience. I believe this would counter the advantages held by the wealthy, and perhaps push the tax code in a simpler, more straightforward direction.
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