X-ray photo of a cat?
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Where can I get hold of a high-resolution (300dpi or better), print-quality digital copy of a radiograph (ie., x-ray photo) of a complete cat's body? I'm looking for something like this one at Getty Images, although preferably one taken from the side, like this or this. I have found several decent detail photos via Flickr and Google Images, but what I'm looking for needs to be a complete image. Getty and other stock photo providers are hideously expensive, and this is for a personal pet project of sorts (no pun intended), and not something I am able to spend hundreds of dollars on.
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Maybe ask a vet clinic, explaining your project? Or maybe a veterinary school?
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Look for a high-quality print in a university library or textbook, then scan it? They probably have the facilities to scan it for you right at the library.
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Maybe ask a vet clinic, explaining your project? Or maybe a veterinary school?

The problem with this is that 1) it is very rare to do any sort of full-body x-ray -- they are usually focused on the area that is the subject of the study (usually abdomen or one limb) and 2) they will probably not be willing to give you an image of someone else's pet.

You might want to email the creators of this Veterinary Radiology blog -- they post "cases of the day" and may have a lateral full body scan somewhere in their archives.
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From the question about getting a llama x-ray, I thought that there was a privacy issue. I think that the way to do it is to offer to foot the bill for a client's x-ray in exchange for a copy.
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You might check with Dapper Cadaver about affordable full body cat xrays. If they can't help, you can purchase a cat cadaver from various biological supply houses for $25 - 45, have it xrayed all you like by any vet, or radiology lab with appropriate equipment, that you can talk into working with you, and have no ethical problems.
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Thanks. I am waiting for the Veterinary Radiology blog people to respond to my question. If that fails I'm going to contact the local veterinary school. But I will not be buying a cat cadaver.
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