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Mac users: is there an easy way to export a large number of photos and videos from the Photo Booth application?

I have a MacBook (the 13" aluminum body, glass screen kind, purchased Dec 2008, running OS X 10.5.7).

I've taken a ton of photos and videos using Photo Booth- say 300 photos and 40 movies (most about 1-2 minutes long). They are all currently living in Photo Booth, visible as thumbnails within the application, with filenames like "Photo 145".

I'd like to efficiently remove them from Photo Booth so I can burn them all to a DVD. But when I've played around to try to get them out of there, it seems like they have to go one by one, ugh...?

Is there an easy way to batch export them? I don't mind if they all end up in the same folder as I'm just gonna burn them to an archive disc anyway.
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Best answer: Aren't they just stored in (username)--> Pictures--> Photo Booth?

Just drag the files out with Finder.
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Best answer: You can use sharkfu's answer, or hit Apple-A to select all of them, or click one and press and hold Shift to select others. Then you drag them to a folder in the Finder, or to some other application (Toast, etc.).
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Best answer: 1. Insert DVD.
2. Locate Username/Pictures/Photobooth folder
3. Right-click on PhotoBooth folder. Select "Burn 'PhotoBooth' to Disc..."
4. Either go with the default burn settings or adjust to your liking. Click "Burn"
5. Go have another coffee.

Pretty simple, really. One thing...Don't be concerned when you see something like "Are you sure you want to burn the contents of "your folder.fpbf..." That .fpbf is just OSX's extension for folders. Think of it as internal housekeeping. It doesn't affect the ability of the disc to be read on other machines or anything.
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Response by poster: Oh my gord. I cannot believe I forgot about the simplest of all answers, Apple-A. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe I was tired? Or maybe just an idiot. Either way, done. Thanks, hive.
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