Studying Early Childhood Education and need to study it in Spain. What are good programs that are affordable (also through Financial Aid)?
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What are good foreign exchange or study abroad programs in Spain, Italy, or England for Early Childhood Education and Development?

I am graduating this May from the University of Arizona. I would like to continue my education for a Master's in Early Childhood Education and Development. However, I would like to go to another country (specifically in Europe) to continue my education because a) I have never been outside of the U.S. (much less CA and AZ), b) I would love to learn about other cultures and experience a new life, c) I would like to see how different parts of the world view education for younger children.

I am on my own, no parents helping and have been working only part-time, so all my funds come from financial aid. I have looked at UofA's study abroad programs and things are more politically related. I do not know anyone who has done a study abroad program or even how I can find a way to afford it on my own, so I truly do not even know where to begin.

If anyone has any insight on where to start, who to call...I would love some help! If any of the other Arizona universities, such as ASU or NAU, have programs that I am unaware of, I can still attend that institution for an exchange program and only pay in-state tuition (which would be wonderful, if possible).

Any info would be helpful! Thank you!
Also, I do not know which schools in these countries to look at for Early Childhood Education. If anyone has attended such a program in Spain, Italy, or England or any university in Spain, please let me know!

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What is your goal for an ECE?

I'd imagine that most American institutions wouldn't be keen on a foreign degree, especially for ECE that is very regulation-oriented.

That being said, you should be eligible for both Stafford and private loans but you'll need to talk to the financial aid people at the university that you attend to work it out. It was a royal PITA when I did an MA in the UK.
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