Does anyone know what this was and where I might find it?
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Does anyone know what this piece of writing was and where I might find it?

I lost some things I had bookmarked in preferences when I changed internet providers. Now, no matter how I google, I can't find one item. It was something I originally found when I quit smoking. More specifically, while trying to find answers regarding how long it takes to feel stronger emotionally after going through (any kind of) withdrawal. Knowing this, I've attempted to google using those kinds of keywords. As well as nearly quoting the piece (I can't actually quote it anymore) - to no avail.

This was either a statement of intent, or a meditation. It seemed like something that was meant to be read over and over. It was oddly inspiring for how simple it was.

It was about three paragraphs long, was written in the first person and all I remember are statements like,

"Each day I am healthier mentally.. everything I do is based on my own sound judgement .. I trust myself and my decisions.. "

Maybe this is something that lots of people know about that I just happened to stumble upon. Maybe this is not nearly enough information. Either way, I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Try Louise Hay. She has lots of youtube videos up for health and healing. There might be something smoking-specific, but I'm not sure. She gives lots of affirmations like the ones you describe.
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Thank you, but this was a written piece also it was not smoking specific, or even addiction specific..
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"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better" - Émile Coué?

Wikipedia to the rescue:
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No, but thank you! (I realize this is a shot in the dark, but I'll keep this open another day or so).
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