Is it in the stars?
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I'm an amateur astrologist and a few months back found a terrific and comprehensive (and free) website that provided broad stroke explanations as well as detailed minutiae regarding horoscope readings. Of course, I didn't bookmark the site and can't seem to find it in my history. Knowing this isn't much to go on, I can recall that the site provided detailed individual readings (again, free) for all facets of life (love, sex, money, career, travel, etc. etc.) as well as friendship pairings and love matches. Any help in finding the site would be greatly appreciated and paid back to you in some karmic cosmic way, I'm sure.
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Was it
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If you Google with enough keywords, you will see in the search results which sites you've already been to by link color if you use the same computer (and haven't cleared your cache).
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i was going to suggest as well. it's the best 'serious' astrology site that i've found.
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Linda Goodman's book SUN SIGNS is available online for free if you're looking for some good reading...
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