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I need recommendations for Memorial Day weekend with two teenagers in Omaha, please.

We are traveling to Omaha from Philadelphia for speech and debate nationals. We will have one full day (and possibly part of another day) to sightsee and enjoy the city. They're active and intelligent people, so no need to dumb things down or suggest only "kid-friendly" activities. The zoo sounds amazing, and we're staying in the Old Market area so will definitely walk around there, but does anyone have any other must-see or must-do things? Caveats? If there's a pretty drive that will give us a bit of an eyeful of Midwest scenery, too, that would be nice as I've spent a good deal of time on both coasts but not really in the middle of the country. Thank you!
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The rain forest exhibit at the zoo is indeed amazing. There are two museums within (long) walking distance from the Old Market. The Durham museum is a converted train depot with trains the basement and a malt shop that serves real malts. The Joslyn museum has a surprisingly varied collection, with a Bierstadt, a Degas, and a Thomas Hart Benton.

If the teen's interests run more towards planes, the Strategic Air & Space Museum is about 45 minutes outside of town (an excuse to see some countryside). There's a wildlife safari park near the Air & Space Museum that you can drive through. It had Bison when I was there a few years ago.

You can also walk toward the Missouri river from the Old Market. There's a park that goes nearly to the river, and gets you out of the feeling of being in a small city.

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The zoo will take all day. Trust me.
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Cat Nats! Congratulations! Some combination of Old Market and the zoo alone usually takes up an entire day for me (an ex-debater now in college), but I tend to linger in bookshops and record stores. Otherwise, I would definitely second the Joslyn.
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Omaha native here. The zoo and Old Market/Joslyn will definitely fill up your time and are what I would consider the best parts of Omaha for vistors.
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Thanks for the help, everyone!
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