Traveling to San Juan
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I will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico for one day. What cheap activities should I do?

I will be relying on a cab to get me there, so I am preferably looking for free to cheap activities within one general, walkable region. [I'm willing to walk up to a couple of miles.] As in, I'd like to take a cab one time to get to an area where I can do or see a number of interesting things. Bonus points for historical and/or cultural significance. Thanks!
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Walk over to El Morro, buy a shaved ice, walk around and watch the families fly kites. Even without paying the entry fee (which is a cheap $5 for both forts) there's a lot you can see from the open grounds. From El Morro walk along the road to San Cristobal. On your left will be La Perla, so make sure to look for it.
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It's been a while since I've been, but I remember really enjoying walking around Old San Juan, particularly the area around Fort San Felipe del Morro.
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the Pablo Casals museum is also near El Morro, and I don't recall paying an entry fee when I went.
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Seconding El Morro and Old San Juan. Cruise ships dock on the south east, so the further north and west you go the less "Buy 3 T-shirts for $10!"-ey things get. There's plenty to see for free just in squares or churches or the old city wall.

Most importantly, don't leave without eating a mallorca from La Bombonera.
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If you have the time: El Yunque rainforest in the morning, El Morro in the afternoon. Puerto Rico is beautiful.
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