dinner, drinks and ncaa in richmond
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i'm looking for a place in richmond to grab dinner and watch the ncaa tournament tomorrow night.

the gf and i are headed to the national in richmond, va tomorrow night to see ben folds and we'd like to grab dinner/drinks and catch the duke/california game at 5:20pm beforehand... proximity to the national would be preferable but is not necessary.
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I don't know if they're showing the game beforehand or not, but Capital Ale House has a good selection of beer and decent food, and is only .3 miles away from the National.

More likely to have the game, but a little further away and without the same atmosphere would be Buffalo Wild Wings.

Another option would be the downtown location of Bottom's Up Pizza, but, again, I don't know if they'll have the game on (more likely than Capital Ale House). They're a smidge further away than Buffalo Wild Wings.

There also might be a couple of other sports bars in the area, but most of them are probably going to be in the Fan District, which is a few miles to the West. Hopefully someone with a better awareness of what's in Richmond can give some ideas.
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Capital Ale House doesn't have any TVs.
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My suggestion would be to go to Penny Lane Pub which will most likely have the game on and although I've never eaten the food there, I heard it's good. They also have a nice selection of beers. It's at the corner of 5th and Franklin which is only about 6 blocks or so from The National.
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Actually I think it's less than 6 blocks. Anyway, wherever you decide to go, allow yourself a little extra time and patience. All the restaurants around The National get slammed any time there is a big show.
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Yeah, I'll second Penny Lane. The one caveat is that most of the TVs in there are usually tuned to soccer, especially if there are any Premiership or Champions League games on - but I don't think that's the case tomorrow night, and there are enough TVs that if they don't already have Duke/Cal on I'm sure they'd put it on if you asked nicely. I have eaten the food there and it's solid English pub food.

Home Team Grill in the Fan would be certain to have the game on but is otherwise an inferior choice: the atmosphere is weirdly franchise-y and suburban for a Fan bar and it's a couple of miles from the National.
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Shoot, I just remembered - Penny Lane is usually closed on Sundays. You could call them and check, though.
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