Operators and Things: written under pseudonym. Was there any follow up on the author's attempts to deal with schizophrenia? And has the author ever come forward?
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Based on past recommendations by members I recently read Operators and Things. I loved it, and I have some questions inside...
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1) Have there ever been any follow up articles on how the author continued to cope (or not) with schizophrenia?

2) "Barbara O'Brien" is a pseudonym. She mentions writing fiction as part of her recovery process. Has the author ever come forward? Is there anything else by her available? Nothing else comes up that's definitely from this pseudonym, though an online bookseller has a theory about the book Martinis, Manhattans or Me?.
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Sounds like an interesting book. If you like that genre, you might try "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden", or "Bell Jar".
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