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Here's my painfully specific waste of a question. I'm writing a letter to someone important at my alma mater. This letter is coming from me specifically as an alumn. My brain is fried and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to best format my signature block - I know I've seen this before but I'm having trouble.

So, like:

ABC University
Ill-advised Major, 199x

B.S., Major, '9X

ABC University
Spring 199x

Or other? There's probably no standard but I really want this thing to look perfect. Please help. Kind of time sensitive. Thank you!
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I'd go with the second one.
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B.S., Major, '9X

I don't have the definitive answer but this is the form that looks the most familiar to me. The other two might imply that you work for the university.
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If you have colleges, I've also seen:

collegename '9x
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Best answer: At my university, the standard for such a thing would just be

Firstname Lastname '9X
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My college was small, and ocherdraco's format would be what I'd use. If you went to a large university with multiple schools under its wing (Cornell, for example), then I'd include the name of the undergraduate school/college/program.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I was hung up on getting my major into the sig line, but (DUH) just worked it into the letter. Much cleaner looking using ocherdraco's format!
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For my large, multiple school university, we do Firstname Lastname 'yr, i.e.

John Smith, BS '98 or

John Smith, JD '98

to indicate the degrees you got. School is irrelevant.

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