Startup and niche marketing podcasts?
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How can I take advantage of a long road trip to learn about entrepreneurship and niche marketing?

Essentially, what are audio resources (podcasts, lectures, etc.) that discuss startups & entrepreneurship, and marketing to a niche audience? My SO is trying to figure out how to best target and market his new website and one of the biggest challenges is how to get the site's name out to the group of people that would find it amusing.

Of course, how to reach your audience is a general problem that all startups have to deal with, so I'm sure there are great resources out there to give us ideas... but we need your help to find them.
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This comes from no experience, but if you wanna meet a niche audience, as well as enjoy your trip, you can always try and find off the beat places. If you go to a city, don't just go to the touristy, common places...go to the burbs, find interesting diners, talk to people. It's tough, but that's how you meet niches people.

And obviously, I feel that site definitely appeals to a certain crowd, especially college students. If you guys are young, college bars and college towns might be a good place to look.
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