Perfect gift for someone who recently got into dirt biking?
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Perfect gift for someone who recently got into dirt biking?

So what would give to someone who will be on an expedition through the desert on a Suzuki Z400 dirt bike? This person already has the helmet, protection, & typical accessories.

Anything suggestion is appreciated: big, small, simple, extravagant.
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A hydration pack, maybe?

I've never actually used one, but an evaporative cooling vest always sounded like a great idea for hot summertime rides.
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inexpensive to extravagant: earbuds for noise protection

moderate $: UnderArmour shirt for hot or cold days

extravagant: helmet cam
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Oh jeez, I have lots of suggestions. As a disclaimer, I also own a motorcycle accessories business, but then I also have a DRZ400 - it's a great bike! In fact, I rode mine from Canada to Mexico offroad down the Continental Divide. Here's my 400, kitted out for long distance dualsporting.

ear plugs $5ish
Go Pro Hero Camera $200-400ish
Moose skid plate $100ish (cheap insurance for expensive parts)
Wolfman Enduro tank bag $80ish
IMS Superstock oversize footpegs $80ish

Any offroad or dualsport bike is better off with a pair of barkbusters and handguards. These protect the rider's hands from trees and rocks in tight singletrack, and protect the levers when the bike falls over. However, selecting handguards is best done by a local shop, as they can be tricky to fit.

I have lots more suggestions - please feel free to MeMail me for more info.

The links here go to the manufacturers, where possible, of the items I suggest. The rest go to GIS image hits for the item I recommend.
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I know you mentioned that they had protective gear, but I bet they don't have a leatt brace.
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