Looking for a specific post about pitching bloggers.
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Looking for a short (and good) online piece on tips for pitching bloggers that I read in the last six months or so, but my Google Fu is failing me.

I'm working on a piece on blogging for nonprofit organizations, and wanted to include some tips on pitching bloggers (or really, how you can't pitch bloggers the way you would traditional media).

I remember reading a good list of things to keep in mind when pitching bloggers in the past six months (maybe a year, but I don't think it's been that long) that I thought had some good advice, but of course now I can't find it. Here's what I think I know:

- I believe it was written by a woman
- It was definitely geared at for-profit (I think tech) publicists
- One of the pieces of advice was to establish relationships with "second-tier" bloggers on the subject your interested in, which then "feed up" to the big bloggers
- I think I found it on one of the aggregator-type sites I normally check out-- mathowie's "Whole Lot of Nothing", Kottke.org, maybe Waxy.org. I've searched all of these and can't find what I'm looking for, though.

So, Hivemind, does this ring any bells for you? Any help much appreciated. And while I'm at it: any other interesting pieces on starting your own blog, or "pitching" bloggers that you would recommend to an audience of nonprofit staffers thinking about how to expand their communications in this area?
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It doesn't ring bells, but might it be Getting Second-Tier Bloggers to Write About You?
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Response by poster: Thanks, Iconomy. That's not it, but could be helpful, too.
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number 1 writes about this stuff quite a bit:
here and here, for example. Try searching his blog for say, "marketing" or "pitch" if these look close
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Pretty sure this isn't what you're thinking of, but metafilters own jscalzi had a nifty writeup of this very issue a few years ago:
and some more here:
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Perhaps it was something from Skellie of Skelliewag? She writes in different places in addition to her own blog, and has had a guest column at Problogger for a bit.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much guys,

I don't think either are it, but both are great links. I appreciate the help.
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