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Are there any web-comic written in the disjoint style of Sleater-Kinney's songwriting?

I have a hazy memory of a Sleater-Kinney interview in which the songwriters made the comment that they go off to write lyrics independently of each other and then sing each set of lyrics for a song simultaneously. (Which is what explained why they so often sing over each other and have some oddly disjoint lyrics.)

So, are there any web-comics in which two people write or draw independently of each other and then combine the material to make a mashed together web-comic?

If not, does this writing style have a name and can you recommend examples or resources in other art forms?

(I know about stories in which authors take turns writing sentences and/or chapters, but I'm not looking for a serialized effect.)
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The closest thing I know of is Whispered Apologies, hosted and created by Ryan North who does Qwantz--Whispered Apologies begins with a comic which is created without text and then given to somebody else to insert the text. Hasn't been updated in quite some time.
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A friend suggests A Softer World, where Emily Horne takes the pictures and designs the comic and Joey Comeau writes the words, though that's more of a Elton John/Bernie Taupin arrangement.

There have been some exquisite corpse comics throughout the years, but I'll be damned if I can find any online.

There's also the game Five Card Nancy.
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Those are all interesting , but they are in the serialized (turn-taking) style. (which may be a hint about the quality of the mashed style I'm looking for.)
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Check out the SITO SYNERGY projects:
- Impulse Freak Monkey! The story even branches.
- Shuffleupagus sounds on the spot but they haven't linked to any examples that I can see, hmmm.

Thanks for reminding me of these, I contributed to some of them over 10 years ago :D

You've also reminded me of the party drawing game Eat Poop You Cat (aka Broken Telephone with Pictures). This person's finished games posted online are entertaining to read, an informal comic. Search online for "Eat Poop You Cat" for others.
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Check out Championnat de Bras de Fer, crazy french arm-wrestling comics jam.. thing. Some English-language background.
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