Computer audio work with JBL L100 Speakers?
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Will the audio output on my laptop or desktop "drive" the sound on my old and venerable JBL L100 speakers? If I hook up my JBL L100 speakers to the output source of my laptop or desktop, will that work?
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No. You need some kind of amplifier in between (assuming you mean the old classic L100 and not some johnny come lately that's just called L100). Whatever you drove your L100s with that's not your computer can probably be used for this purpose. There will be some kind of input on the device that you can plug your computer's audio output into (just don't use the input marked 'phono').
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You'll need either the line out or a digital output connected to an amp.

Something like the old Sonic Impact T-Amp or one of the clones using the Tripath chip might work here, though this thread suggests they probably need something with a bit more oomph, as the T-Amps are better matched with high-efficiency speakers like Klipsch.
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You need an amplifier, but you don't need a new one.

I have a pair of Allison Six cube speakers in my office. I run them with an old Sony receiver I got from the thrift store for $15. I have this plugged into the auxiliary input, and I just plug the other end into my laptop headphone output or iPod. Sounds great.
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The question has been answered, so mark it as such: no. The issue for you now is whether it's worth the cost of an amplifier to drive the speakers. Just googled them -- man if you have that contoured foam, those are some sweet looking speakers! But driving big magnets with a weak amp isn't the way to go. You should really be matching an amp to the wattage/amperage that the speakers were designed for. probably follow up on holgate's thread link. amps are cheap on craigslist, as people frequently move from component to inclusive systems.
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