Great places in Boston to pretend to be Irish.
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What are some great bars in Boston for st. Patrick's day?

I've heard the St. Patrick's day is a big deal here, but this will be my first time. Anyone had any really great experiences? I probably won't be getting to the bar until 5pm or 6, would prefer a place that won't have a super long line/ high cover charge.

Cheap would be a bonus. Not super picky about "quality" or "classiness" or even "authentic Irishness."
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What neighborhood are you in?
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If you're into Irish food (ew [I can say that as an Irish-American]), Grafton Street Pub in Harvard is offering a free Guinness with the purchase of an Irish entree.
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Response by poster: Back bay, Fenway, or Allston would be the easiest places for us to get to.
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Response by poster: But we'd head up to central or Harvard if it would be a better bet.
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The Purple Shamrock.
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Best answer: Go across the river to the Plough and Stars.
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Best answer: I was at the Pour House and McFaddens (next door to each other on Boylston St in Back Bay) last year and had a great time - to be fair, it was also my first St Patricks Day in Boston, and just the idea of green beer was enough to make it pretty enjoyable. This year, the Pour House has renamed itself the "McPour House" in honor of the holiday, the wait staff (and bouncers) have been wearing green bowler hats for at least a week, and the bar has been fully decorated in shamrocks, etc, since at least two weeks ago. So, at the very least, they are certainly in the spirit of things : )
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Lir and Pour House are next to each other on Boylston. That would be a good bet! Both Irish bars.
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Response by poster: I am open to more suggestions, but Pour House is one of my favorites, so I might try that.

Ploughs and Stars sounds pretty cool too.
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All of them?
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Phoenix Landing in Central Square.
The Burren and the Sligo in Davis Square.
PJ Ryan's in Teele Square.
Precinct in Union Square.
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Pour House probably wins by virtue of having nice 'n greasy comfort food to wash down your libation of choice.
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Does the Pour House basement still get super-crowded? Also, I seem to recall the Kells up in Allston [Rock City], but that was a while ago.

(And also a day late.)
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