Castle/keep location
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Anyone know where this old castle/keep is located and maybe a bit of its history?
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It looks like a church as opposed to a castle, but the scale appears off as well like this is a miniature.
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Pollomacho: I think it's not the scale so much as the light. Your brain is telling you that if the lighting in the sky is so dramatic then there should be harsh shadows all over the church / castle, but there aren't. Someone did a lot of Photoshop tweaking on that sky, maybe even a full replacement. As for the location, I have no idea. I'll vote Germany and see what happens.
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The rhododendrons and privet hedge make it look Scottish to me, but then I agree with Pollomacho that it may be a religious building rather than a castle - possibly an abbey? but googling for abbeys in Scotland gets me a lot of gothic buildings. Intriguing...
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It looks Norman to me, and likely a church. I think the key may be the plants around it as melisande mentions.
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I tried playing with Google Goggles, and all I found was this image as part of a collection of clearly-photoshopped images on a Russian website with lots of NSFW background images.

Perhaps this page will be useful to someone?
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The red plant in the center looks like bougainvillea to me. Maybe Spain?
But really, how can one tell.
Do you have a source for the photo?
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Looks like a abbey to me too, probably Romanesque, 11th or 12th century, southern Europe (Italy, France, or Spain most likely). The windows are small and round-headed (I think- I'm having trouble making them out) and the tower is squat and blocky, all indicating that it's probably pre-Gothic. No windows in the clerestory either.
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Architecturally and in setting a bit like Notre Dame de Valère in Sion, Switzerland but not actually there I think, though that might be the neck of the woods. Here's another couple of images - belfry seems similar though gable end not.
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Pollomacho: I think it's not the scale so much as the light.

No, its the scale. The shrubs in the foreground are the size of the church. Check out the ivy leaves at the very bottomThe bricks in the foreground and on the church are the same size suggesting that they are either fake and shopped in or that the church is not that far away and is small.
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Props to Abiezer. Here's a shot of Valere from a similar angle, and I think it's pretty undeniable. Home to the world's oldest playable pipe organ.
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Or, I should say the church and the wall are farther away and the shrubbery is shopped in.
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That's a better shot drlith and does look more like it - I was looking for something form the reverse angle to the second one I posted.
Pollomacho - it reminded me a bit of those old hand-tinted postcards except for the sky.
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Hey all--thanks for all the input. Seems to be Valere in Switzerland but heavily photoshopped.
Thanks Abiezer and drlith!
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Wow, nice one Abiezer. This one had me flummoxed. I'll blame it on the wacky processing.
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I know - I thought Scotland at first glance too like melisande above. Never actually been to Valere, but have read about it and seen pictures before.
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Wow, yeah, the faked in plants really threw me off the trail. Never would have gotten onto the right track. Nice job, Abiezer et al.
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Where did you find the original photo?
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I got the original from one of those email attachments that pass around the internet from friends/family. Interestingly, most of the pictures in that russian website (NSFW) were part of the attachment.
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