How can I Transmit VGA / HDMI output Wirelessly?
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How can I Transmit VGA / HDMI output Wirelessly?

My PC is in my bedroom and I have an HD monitor in my living room about 10 ft away through a thin wall.

I want to transmit the output from my PC's graphic card which has both a VGA and an HDMI output wirelessly.

so I can watch multimedia output from my computer in my living room.

What are my options?
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Gefen, RocketFish.
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Or there's a Sony version that's cheaper if you can deal with 1080i.

The cheaper alternative is running cabling either through the wall or around it. If you have a cabled network (cat5/6) already installed, you can repurpose it to transmit HDMI signals over cat5.
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For 300 bucks you can get a PS3 which can do this
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For $25 on eBay on you can get an original xbox. Softmod it and install XBMC (theres a good guide for all this on lifehacker). Then you can watch files shared from your bedroom PC. If you want HD though, the xbox is a little slow for that so I'd go with the previous poster's suggestion of a PS3, which handles HD fine.
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What are my options?

Dont bother with wireless. You'll either have to deal with signal loss issues or loss of quality issues. I'd just drill a hole. I'd run the HDMI cable right through there. I'd also get a wireless keyboard and mouse and run the dongle through the hole. You'll want to pause, surf, etc from your bedroom. I've had a lot of luck with this model. I would not use logitech or microsoft as their wireless keyboard/mouse offerings have like a 3 or 4 foot range at max.
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Let's assume you're renting for the time being. That means that arbitrarily putting holes in the wall is not considered a good thing. Here's what I did. Consistent with the height of power outlets, I drilled a hole just through one wall with a long bit, being careful to avoid a stud. Then I gave a quick look with a flashlight to see if there was any wiring to worry about. Nope - drilled through the opposite side. Then I widened the holes to fit the cabling. I poked the drill bit, out of the drill through then taped the cable to the bit and pulled it through.

When I was ready to move, I bought two blank wall plates that matched the existing ones (they're roughly 50 cents) and covered the holes with them. I just screwed into the drywall, being careful not to strip. Blanks at the right height blend in perfectly.
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Response by poster: anyone got any experience of these?

CablesToGo TruLink Wireless USB to VGA
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Response by poster: and what about wireless Scart.

Converting the VGA output into Scart and then transmitting that wirelessly

wireless scart
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